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Madison Liane :: Writer/Director

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    Madison's career began in computer animation after graduating from The Art Institute of Dallas in 1998. He spent two years in a dark studio animating and editing, then occasionally shooting video for The Boy Scouts of America. He quickly learned that he enjoyed shooting and editing a lot more than animation, and found work in commercial film production and "fell in love with filmmaking." He began writing screenplays and shooting anything he could get his hands on. In 2000, Madison wrote and directed his first feature film, and it was horrible. But, it taught him a lot of really valuable lessons that he carries with him today.

In 2002, Madison moved to Los Angeles. The next year, he graduated from The Los Angeles Film School in Directing and Producing and started an internship at Aurora Productions. He quickly moved up to Director of Development, but found himself missing production. "I just felt really detached from what I love doing. The lessons and skills I learned there are invaluable, but it just wasn't the road I wanted to go down." From there, he moved on to become an independent producer, working on commercials, short films and independent feature films. In 2008, Madison moved back to Texas to marry his high school sweetheart and continue his career in film. "My deep love for filmmaking still prevents me from getting a real job. So I just continue to write my stories and sharpen my craft. I've been fortunate enough to be able to make a living doing what I love."

Madison currently lives and works in Dallas with his wife and two young kids.


Madison's second passion is music. Check out some of his favorites here: