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The American Dream
Sports Documentary Series
Dunn Media Group

"A series of 60-minutes episodes telling the real-life stories of professional athletes from around the wide world of sports, past and present. A first person look inside the fame and legacy of professional sports."






Brain Food
Health and Wellness Reality Series (Pilot)
Dunn Media Group

"Brain Food is a series of 60-minute episodes bridging the gap between traditional cooking shows and exposing the healing power of whole food. Each episode will focus on a common health ailment and how specific foods can help cure it."






For Rent (2011)
Short Film, SD (10 min)

"A new tenant receives a strange package in the mail.





Tell Me (2009)
Short Film, HD (15 min)

"Two kindred souls who's lives took opposite directions are given a second chance.





From Avalon to Babylon (2008)
Music Documentary, SD (66 min)

In 2007, Blue Meridian released their fifth full album, "Avalon, Babylon & Me". This film documents the cd release show at the historic Club Fai Do Do outside downtown Los Angeles, along with various interviews giving a glimpse inside the life of the band.





Jonas (2003)
Short Film, HD (19 min)

"An ex-military assassin is forced to face his demons when he finds himself intertwined in a corporate hit.





Gumption (2002)
Short Film, HD (8 min)

"Roxy and Rex plot to rig the lottery so they can send Roxy's parents to a retirement home."




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